Openco, the premier Powder coating company in Sri Lanka, pride ourselves on offering state of the art painting methods and solutions to increase durability, aesthetics and value.

Powder Coating Sri Lanka -The Openco Company was established in 2008 and started its operations in Sri Lanka by distributing powder coatingsplastic coatingspowder coating equipment’s Sri Lanka, pre-treatment chemicals and industrial burners. Within a very short period of time the company has achieved a remarkable growth with an impressive list of clients. The Openco has built strong relationship with its partner conglomerates to import powder coatings and plastic coatings from foreign countries, powder coating equipment’s, ovens conveyors and pre-treatment baths from Europe and pre-treatment chemicals from South Asia.

Powder coating in Sri Lanka is the most state-of-the-art coating solution available. While other coating options limit the final look of a product, powder coating is different. We offer a huge selection of primer coats, clear coats, textured surfaces and colors that will protect your product by increasing its durability and also improve its overall finish and visual appeal. Powder coating in Sri Lanka is an environmental-friendly process and contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). This makes powder coating in Sri Lanka an ideal solution for your needs.


  • Protection against corrosion, UV fading, chips, scratches, chemicals, grease, abrasion and damage by weather.

Quality Finish

  • Complete coverage on any material, shape or object
  • Good formability – can be formed after coating
  • No risk of running, dripping, sagging or blistering


Powder Coating

Visual Appeal

  • Virtually any colour can be matched
  • Different choices of finishes – clear, plain, metallic or textured
  • Exceptional gloss and colour retention

Evironement Friendly

  • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)


Why choose us?

Customer First

Customer First

As your partner of powder coating in Sri Lanka, we help you decide on what you need and will deliver your expectations. Our friendly staff will be ready to instruct you and guide you through the process from initial questions to color selection to finished product. When powder coating in Sri Lanka, there’s no job thats too big.


Superior Services

Superior Services

Powder coating in Sri Lanka is the most state-of-the-art coating solution available. Openco has set the standard for providing the ultimate finish. We pride ourselves on bringing state of the art painting methods to providing a high quality finish that will continue to last for years to come. We provide a complete service for powder coating in Sri Lanka, including supply of equipment, delivery, installation & after sales services.


Industry experts

Industry experts

We have been pioneers of powder coating in Sri Lanka and are among the most trusted names in the domain of wholesaling and trading of Industrial powder coating in Sri Lanka. Openco provides a host of services for powder coating in Sri Lanka. We specialize in the supplying of raw material, powder coatings & chemicals. Our experts will provide industrial training & supervision for projects and also undertake upgrades, servicing & maintenance of accessories, equipment’s and machinery.